Driving long distances can have a therapeutic effect. Watching the trees and buildings go by, finding the next radio station when the last one gets too fuzzy and best of all pretending you are in the millenium falcon flying at light speed as the snow is falling. It is also a time to think and reflect, to remember all the things you are thankful for and to look forward to the adventures your time away holds.

This February will be nothing like the last one.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.


Gone in a blink of an eye.

Why does it seem like there is never enough time. Over my days off I got almost everything I wanted to get done taken care of, the few things lingering I should be easy to finish early in the week without any issue. What I am saddest about not getting done is the fun things. The book I had hoped to finish, the journal pages left blank and letters unwritten. There are always things still to be done. I am sure no matter what I had finished I would be siting here wishing there was more time, but unfortunately all things must end.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.

A mini stay-cation.

I find that on mini stay-cations I lose myself to time and forget all the things I want to get done. Eventually most things get done, but it is not alway as efficient or as thorough as I hoped. I am not sure if my lack of ambition is laziness or is a balance to the constant movement of most other days. In my defense if I am home I usually have a cat on my lap as soon as I sit down, which means I get nothing done anyway.

Over all on this mini vacation I have felt productive, but I think my list was far too long to achieve. Sometimes you have to pick your battles. As long as I can go to work Monday morning in clean cloths and feel like I completed something over my vacation I will call my days off a success. So far, I am doing great.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.

Steadfast & thankful week 6

This week was nice because I was on vacation for most of it! It was nice to have some down time and sleep in most of the week. Unfortunately, I was not as productive as I would have liked, but sometimes relaxing is the best solution.

Christi_Hiking post_journal page_3Day 34:
This summer was so full of hiking adventures and I am thankful that they recorded in my journal. It is so fun to look back at and remember beautiful summer days.

Want to read more about my hiking adventure?

img_3663Day 35:
Teaching swim lessons can be a challenge sometimes, but I am thankful for the excitement and enthusiasm of my students this year.

img_3664Day 36:
Although I had hoped
to do more than just 2 miles,
but I was thankful for not
running in the dark.

img_3691Day 37:
I am so thankful
that my Christmas
presents are
wrapped and
ready to go!

img_3695Day 38:
Being on vacation has its perks.
I was thankful to be a second
set of hands for my mom when
she needed me.

img_3719Day 39:
I am thankful for people who are equally as crazy as I am and wanted to do a Star Wars movie marathon with me. Just a few more days and we get to see the new one!

img_3730Day 40:
For once I am not
dreading Monday.
Thankfully I have
one more day of
vacation left!


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Weekend, work, vacation.

I feel like this weekend is going far too quickly, but yeah for me, I only have two days of work to get through next week. One of my goals tomorrow is to come up with a game plan for my days off. As much as I would love simply spending them camped out on the couch relaxing, I should probably do something slightly more productive. Maybe I will even come up with a prize for myself if I get everything done!

One of the first things on my list is to get Christmas cards written and out. I had hoped to have them ready to go by December 1st, but failed. I also have a few other Christmas related things that I need to do, but I am quite proud of the fact I am done with the bulk of Christmas! Although my apartment will be free of my normal Christmas tree this year (I did break down and buy a very small potted tree. It is so cute I am sure there will be a post about it later on), I do want to get some lights up in the windows and maybe a few other things to make it feel more like Christmas.

My hope is by giving myself this time off I will feel refreshed for the new year and ready to enjoy all that it holds.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.

Vacation time.

I think one of my biggest summer regrets is not taking time off. Beyond regular holidays I only took a day or two. In some ways it is nice because now going into December I have a nice chunk of time off, but I think it would have been good to have some time when the weather was nice. At the beginning of the year, I felt like time off would not be so good for me, it would give me too much time to think. At the time working seemed better because it was consistent and forcing me into a routine, but I wonder if I was wrong. There is no way to know for sure, just a thought that I had while enjoying my long Thanksgiving weekend.

Next year will be different. I want to have a few adventures. Spend time with family and enjoy making my own decisions about my time.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.

Dreading February.

February will mark one year of this emotional roller coaster I have been on. Every day is one step closer to February and I find myself dreading it more and more. My solution to the dread is simple yet still undefined. I have decided that I need to plan an adventure to hopefully replace some of the dread with excitement.

No matter what I do, or where I am, February 11 will not be an easy day, but that does not mean I should hide in the corner and let it consume me. It is simple enough to have and idea, it is the execution I have yet to figure out. I want to do something memorable that gets me out of my comfort zone. I really want this to be a unique experience that overshadows all my negative feelings toward February.

I have a few ideas that I am starting my research and see what is possible. With that being said, if anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them!

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.