My counter.

I’ve been helping with a swim clinic for local high schoolers. Today I counted laps for one of the girls who is hoping to swim on the varsity team this coming year. Among the many things she needs to do to make this dream a reality is to swim a 500 yards in under 9 minutes. It was strange being the one that counted instead of the one swimming. The whole thing made me very nostalgic.

Since my last high school meet the pool has been renovated. Nothing really looks the same, but I can still remember what it was like to compete in that space. I can hear the roar of the crowd and encouraging word from my coaches and team mates. I can feel the butterflies in my stomach as I stepped onto the starting block and the comforting feeling of hitting the water when the race begins. While helping with this clinic a flood of memories has swept over me, and dropping the counter into the water today for someone else was no different.

There is a strange bond that is formed between a distance swimmer and their counter. I remember more than a few times looking down at the end of my before the race and seeing their encouraging smile and feel a rush of confidence. The counter is a constant form of encouragement, when you see the number drop you know someone is cheering for you even though you can hear almost nothing. A 500 can be a long lonely race at times, but I loved it and once upon a time I was pretty good.

The record I once held has been broken. My shoulder can handle very little swimming and nothing too fast, but my mind still has a passion for the water and I am glad to be given this opportunity to share my knowledge and encouragement to this generation of swimmers.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.


A scratchy voice.

Currently, I am tired, sore and my eyes have that burning sensation that is a result of too much chlorine exposure. I know I will wake up with a few bruises that can only be caused by a lifeguard class, and a scratchy voice from attempting to talk over the noise of the pool area for too long. A part of me dreads having to show up to teach more tomorrow. My body will fight me as my alarm goes off. Most likely the snooze button will be hit a time or two, but eventually I will pull myself out of bed and go back to the pool.

Teaching is not my most favorite thing, but it really is wonderful when you watch the students reach new levels of understanding and gain a confidence they never knew they had. This current class is the last one for this year. At the moment that is a little bitter-sweet. I feel like I have finally achieved a good rhythm with teaching and have the class structure to an art. Hopefully next year when classes begin again all that I learned this year will not be lost.

Tomorrow will be a long day, and Monday morning I will be tired, sore and most likely my eyes will still have a slight tingle to them. But I will also have taught some amazing new lifeguards skills that they will hopefully never have to use, but will always available to them. After all, lifeguards hate to get wet.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.

Be brave.

It is so rewarding to see the look in someones eyes when they realize they have learned how to do something new. I think that is my favorite part of teaching lifeguard classes or swim lessons. It helps to overshadow my fears and makes me be brave in front of my students. I wish I could say that I was 100% successful in inspiring confidence, but today I feel like I failed. Honestly, I feel like I was not even given a chance, but what someone else chooses to do is out of my control. What I can control is what I teach the rest of my students, and what I learn from my failures. Hopefully next time when faced with a similar situation things will go better. I might be teaching them, but they are also teaching me.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.

Not over yet.

I wish I could say my week was almost over, but unfortunately that is not the case. This weekend I have another Lifeguard class. I love teaching them, but the timing on this one is horrible. I know in the end everything will work out great, but at the moment I am filled with dread. Hopefully I have another AMAZING group of kids in the class and everything goes smoothly, but probably by saying that I jinxed myself.

Oh well, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, tired, but stronger.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.


This week has gone so quickly I could hardly catch my breath. There was so much to do and just enough to get it done. After coming right off a crazy weekend the lifeguard class and straight into work there has been little time to sit and do nothing. Hopefully by the end of tomorrow I can relax knowing that I succeeded in achieving a lot over the past few weeks.

Sleeping in Saturday morning will be so wonderful, now all I have to do is get through one more day and the weekend will be mine.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.

A level of exhaustion.

It feels like I have reached a level of exhaustion that I rarely experience. My head is swimming, my body is sore and my voice is almost gone. It feels like I will never wake up after I go to sleep tonight. At least it was well earned. The lifeguard class did so amazing, and worked so well together we were able to finish up today and can all get some much needed rest tomorrow before a new week starts. There are defiantly benefits to small classes.

Tomorrow, when I do wake up I have a lot that needs to be done, but I will face that when I get there. Tonight, I sleep.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.

Muscle memory

It is too bad that not all things come back to you like riding a bike. It could be years since I touched one, but as soon as I start peddling, away I go like I am still a kid. Currently, I feel extremely fortunate that as I review for the lifeguard class I am teaching this weekend, nothing was really lost. As I go over the skills and requirements it is nice to know that all the years of lifeguarding have truly paid off.

If you have ever taken a Red Cross class you know that terminology is important, so that is what most of my review is centered on. Passive, active, distressed, rear, front, submerged, spinal, entries. Once you start listing out the terms you start to feel very overwhelmed. I remember it was years before I could keep it all straight with confidence. Hopefully my students know that by the end of the class everything will start to make much more sense. Although it will be an exhausting weekend, we should have a lot of fun as well. In time they will develop muscle memory and it will be just like riding a bike.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.