My counter.

I’ve been helping with a swim clinic for local high schoolers. Today I counted laps for one of the girls who is hoping to swim on the varsity team this coming year. Among the many things she needs to do to make this dream a reality is to swim a 500 yards in under 9 minutes. It was strange being the one that counted instead of the one swimming. The whole thing made me very nostalgic.

Since my last high school meet the pool has been renovated. Nothing really looks the same, but I can still remember what it was like to compete in that space. I can hear the roar of the crowd and encouraging word from my coaches and team mates. I can feel the butterflies in my stomach as I stepped onto the starting block and the comforting feeling of hitting the water when the race begins. While helping with this clinic a flood of memories has swept over me, and dropping the counter into the water today for someone else was no different.

There is a strange bond that is formed between a distance swimmer and their counter. I remember more than a few times looking down at the end of my before the race and seeing their encouraging smile and feel a rush of confidence. The counter is a constant form of encouragement, when you see the number drop you know someone is cheering for you even though you can hear almost nothing. A 500 can be a long lonely race at times, but I loved it and once upon a time I was pretty good.

The record I once held has been broken. My shoulder can handle very little swimming and nothing too fast, but my mind still has a passion for the water and I am glad to be given this opportunity to share my knowledge and encouragement to this generation of swimmers.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.


Be brave.

It is so rewarding to see the look in someones eyes when they realize they have learned how to do something new. I think that is my favorite part of teaching lifeguard classes or swim lessons. It helps to overshadow my fears and makes me be brave in front of my students. I wish I could say that I was 100% successful in inspiring confidence, but today I feel like I failed. Honestly, I feel like I was not even given a chance, but what someone else chooses to do is out of my control. What I can control is what I teach the rest of my students, and what I learn from my failures. Hopefully next time when faced with a similar situation things will go better. I might be teaching them, but they are also teaching me.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.


This winter I have been far too lazy. No matter how I try to guilt myself into going to the gym or putting on my running shoes the result has been the same, but today I decided that I had no excuse. I already had swim lessons so I figured I might as well get in and go for a swim myself. At the moment I think it was a great decision, there is nothing like a swim to give you time to think and get some energy out. However, over the next few days as the soreness sets in I may have a different perspective.

This summer I want to put in the effort. I want to be able to run a few races and finish strong, instead of just finishing. It would be nice to push myself further than I thought possible and maybe achieve the goal I set for myself last year. We are always our own worst enemies, but that does not mean we should be defeated.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.


I spent a good chunk of my day reviewing for the CPR class I am teaching tomorrow. Thankfully it went pretty smoothly. It is always encouraging when you are reviewing information that you feel like it is simply a review and not a learning process. My biggest fear when teaching Red Cross classes is making sure I am using the correct terminology, because that is where they likes to trick you on the tests. I would hate to find out in the end that I set my students up for failure due to my own lack of knowledge. Hopefully with my note cards in hand everything will go smoothly.

Each time I teach a Lifeguard or CPR class I am reminded that this is an opportunity that I might not have had if my life had gone down a different path. I have always liked to learn and enjoy teaching in moderation, so my instructor certifications mean a lot to me. Water safety on all levels is important. So whether I am teaching kids how to swim or future lifeguards I feel like I am doing something worth while with my time. I love being able to recognizing the small blessings that came out of tragedy.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.

The last of things.

I feel like I have been waiting the past eleven months for 2017 to be over, and now that it is almost gone I am a little worried. We are starting to get down to the last of things. Today I had my last swim lesson of 2017, we did our Christmas Secret Santa reveal at work and there are fewer and fewer days left. All of these are good things, I know that, but I guess after all this time I have gotten used to what 2017 held and now it is difficult to let go and walk off into the unknown.

The good thing is that I know 2018 will hold new adventures and new frustrations. There will me more time with friends and more things to learn. I have no doubt it will hold a new set of challenges, but if 2017 has taught me anything it is that no matter what comes my way I can make it through. So now I will say words I never thought I would say, I look forward to the last days of 2017 and the lessons they hold.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.

Steadfast & thankful week 6

This week was nice because I was on vacation for most of it! It was nice to have some down time and sleep in most of the week. Unfortunately, I was not as productive as I would have liked, but sometimes relaxing is the best solution.

Christi_Hiking post_journal page_3Day 34:
This summer was so full of hiking adventures and I am thankful that they recorded in my journal. It is so fun to look back at and remember beautiful summer days.

Want to read more about my hiking adventure?

img_3663Day 35:
Teaching swim lessons can be a challenge sometimes, but I am thankful for the excitement and enthusiasm of my students this year.

img_3664Day 36:
Although I had hoped
to do more than just 2 miles,
but I was thankful for not
running in the dark.

img_3691Day 37:
I am so thankful
that my Christmas
presents are
wrapped and
ready to go!

img_3695Day 38:
Being on vacation has its perks.
I was thankful to be a second
set of hands for my mom when
she needed me.

img_3719Day 39:
I am thankful for people who are equally as crazy as I am and wanted to do a Star Wars movie marathon with me. Just a few more days and we get to see the new one!

img_3730Day 40:
For once I am not
dreading Monday.
Thankfully I have
one more day of
vacation left!


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Swim lessons.

On Tuesday evenings I teach swim lessons. It is the same class I taught last year and honestly, I was a little nervous to start again. I was not sure how I would feel going back to the old routine that was started when I was in such a different place in my life. There was a few times I almost backed out of teaching it, but I decided to give the first session a try before I backed out.

I am glad I gave it a chance, because it is such a fun set of classes. The kids are so excited to be there and learn. The class is a stepping stone from basic swimming into competitive strokes. My main goal is to teach stroke technique and help encourage them to advance. I have some very talented kids, I wish when I was their age I had been able to take advantage of a class like this.

My first lesson ended up being a private class because only on kid signed up for it. The girl in this class is such fun, at five she is technically too young to be in my class, but she is fantastic. She is slowly developing amazing technique, and the best part is I am not fighting against years of bad habits. This little girl is so excited to swim that she usually is in her suite and ready to go hours before the class. It always make me happy to see her walk though the door.

The second class is a mixed bag of students, but equally as enthusiastic. They are a little older so unfortunately I do have a few years of bad habits to work out of their strokes, but over all they are a clean slate to work with. Most of these kids I taught last year, so it is amazing to be apart of their continued growth.

I look forward to the progress that these class will make this year. I hope I can help them reach the next level of swimming, and I am sure along the way they will teach me a thing or two.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.