Steadfast & thankful week 8

There is only one more week of 2017. When I started this steadfast & thankful project on November 1, nine weeks seemed so far away. Now tomorrow is Christmas, and there are only seven more days of the year.

img_3820Day 48:
I am thankful
for encouraging
words from a
friend far away.

img_3823Day 49:
Today was our final Secret Santa gift exchange. It was fun to see everyone figuring out who had been gifting them wonderful goodies all month. I got all kinds of fun journaling supplies, this Years was a lot of fun and I was thankful I participated.

img_3836Day 50:
I am thankful for friends
who understand that
all girls are princesses,
but some of us have
sweet hairdos.

img_3838Day 51:
I am thankful
for clean sheets
on this darkest
day of the year.

img_3853Day 52:
I’m thankful for being able to surround myself with little things that make me smile. This is a judgement free zone.

img_3858Day 53:
There is nothing like some Christmas journaling with the smell of cookies in the air. I am thankful for beautiful holiday moments like this.

img_3891Day 54:
Only one more
sleep till Christmas!
I’m so thankful
for slow cuddly days.


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Steadfast & thankful week 2

This week had a lot of ups and downs. There were some days it helped to record something that I was thankful for. It was a week that felt like it had too many days in it, yet somehow not enough time. Here is my week 2 round-up for my “steadfast & thankful” challenge.

img_2775Day 6:
It was not a bad Monday, but I definitely had some Monday blues. So when it came to dinner I was thankful for some yummy comfort food.

img_2781Day 7:
I am thankful to live in a country that has so many freedoms.

I voted today.
Did you?

img_2819Day 8:
It’s this pretty girls (approximate) birthday! She has not always been the most well-behaved cat, but I am forever thankful for her “grooming”, head butts, cuddles and unfailing kitty love.

img_2862Day 9:
I’m feeling a little yucky today, but thankfully my coworkers let me go home early. Hopefully with a little extra rest I’ll be ready to take on Friday.

img_2943Day 10:
I am always thankful
for Saturday’s that I
don’t have to set an
alarm for.

Day 11:img_2968
Today is Veteran’s Day, a day that we pay tribute to all those who served.
For the past four years my mom has had her 6th grade students interviewed local veterans who served in a time for war. From these interviews they create videos that are shown on Veterans Day at the local theater. This year the videos featured veterans from WWII and the Korean War.
I am thankful not only for the veterans, but also for the unforgettable experience these kids were given. After all, those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.

img_2974Day 12:
It was a little dark at my desk in the evening and I know it will only get worse as the winter goes on. Today I got a not so pretty but very effective light. I am thankful for a bright spot to work and create.


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Silver lining.

The past week has had both good and bad moments. It started off rough, but every day felt like it had a silver lining hidden somewhere within. Monday stands out in particular as a day I do not want to go back to, but it had the most fantastic silver lining. My Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Dave sent me a special package.

I opened the box and there was something wrapped in blue tissue paper tied with a bow. Inside was a stuffed lamb. The card my that came with it from my Aunt and Uncle said that they have “experienced times that it feels like God is far away, but He is always near.” When I called them teary eyed to thank them my Aunt told me to give the little lamb a hug and remember someone is always thinking and praying for me.

img_7231The Lamb is part of a non-profit organization called Ruthie’s Lamb. They sell a variety of lamb themed items, form necklaces to plush toys. All money from purchases and donations are given Christian humanitarian programs.

Ruthie’s Lambs was started by the family of a women named Ruth. As a child Ruth had a lamb that she was quite fond of, so that was what they decided to center their theme on. As an adult Ruth was a professor at Malone University in Canton, Ohio, until she was diagnosed with cancer and passed away too young in 2009.

As a child, my mom grew up with Ruth and her sisters and my Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Dave continue to be good friends with the families. A few years ago I met one of the sisters while visiting my Aunt and Uncle, she and her family were fun to get to know. It is amazing what a small world we live in. You never know what person will impact you later on. A moment that seems small at the time, later on, with fresh eyes is so defining.

Beyond being unbelievably adorable and soft, my little lamb has been a wonderful edition to my recovery. It serves as a constant reminder of all the people who care and love me, and that I have a lot to be thankful for.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.