Christmas cards.

I spent most of my evening writing Christmas cards. It was difficult to put my graduated to friends and family into words, but I did what I could. This has been such a strange year, one I will never forget, and countless people have help me through. There is no way I would be in the place I am now without the prayers, love and support I have received.

If this year has taught me anything it is that without others we are lost. Beyond that it is important to express thanks for what has been done and be ready to support those who were there for you through your struggle. I know a Christmas card is not much, but happy mail is always a good place to start.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.



Steadfast & thankful week 3

Another week thankful. It was a busy week that ended with a wonderful adventure with friends. I am looking forward to a lot more time with family and friends in the coming weeks with so much to be thankful for.


Day 13:
All happy mail should be delivered on Mondays, because at the end of the day it is nice to come home to something happy. Today I got an envelope of fun from Rebecca, the owner of Grace & Salt ink. I was thankful for a wonderful surprise at the end of a not so fun day.

img_3041Day 14:
Today my beautiful new inkDori completed its trip from England to me. The two weeks it took to get here felt like forever. I was starting to get worried, so I am thankful for it’s safe delivery.

img_3399Day 15:
This evening was made
for kitty cuddles. I know
I will regret my unproductive
evening tomorrow, but I am
thankful for it today.

img_3402Day 16: 
Tomorrow we are having a Thanksgivings feast at work. I volunteered to make pies. When it comes to making pie crust, I am always thankful for my aunts fail proof recipe and the rolling pin made by my grandpa.

img_3409Day 17:
Today we had Thanksgiving dinner at work. We laughed, ate, and had a great time together.

img_3445Day 18:
Today I got an unexpected
call from a friend. It was a
welcome surprise. I am so
very thankful for her friendship.

img_3450Day 19: 
This evening was an amazing bonding experience for Amanda and I. We went to a play then meet up with her husband for froyo. I continue to be so thankful for their friendship and all the fun adventures we have planned over the next month!


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Blessings in disguise.

When we know there is a special package coming in the mail it can be difficult to be patient, but at the same time the anticipation is what makes it so exciting! Currently I have a package that could be delivered any day, and my excitement is mounting. Today in my impatient checked my downstairs neighbor’s mailbox to make sure a pick up slip did not get put in the wrong place. This would not be the first time I have found my packages or mail on her porch, so I figured it was worth double checking.

I was so thankful that I did because I had bills were in her mailbox. They must have been there for a week or so because they were due a few days ago! It is not like me to pay my bills late, so I was a very frustrated. I left a note for my downstairs neighbor to keep an eye out for my mail mixed in with hers as well as a note for the mail carrier asking them to be extra conscious. Hopefully this will prevent future issues.

After the earthquake came a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper.
1 Kings 19:12

Once I got past the fluster of frustration and got my bills paid, I realized what a blessing it was to be expecting a package that triggered me to check the other mail box. It was a fleeting thought that kept nagging at me, so I decided it was worth putting on my coat and shoes to clear my conscience. Sometimes God works in mysteries ways and thankfully he refuses to give up, unfortunately we do not always listen. Maybe this is my gentle reminder that I need to pay better attention to His little messages to me.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.

Steadfast & thankful week 1

Through most of 2017 it has been difficult to be thankful. So I decided that for the last 61 days of the year I was going to find something every day to be thankful about. I am sure that some days this will be a difficult task, but I am up for the challenge. Every day I will post what I am thankful for on my Instagram account with the hashtag #SteadfastAndThankful. Please feel free to join me in this quest, I would love to see what you are thankful for too!

Colossians 4:2
Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.

My goal is every Sunday to have my blog post be a compilation of what I have been thankful for through week.

img_2645Day 1:
Today I am thankful for becoming a part of the Grace & Salt ink brand ambassador team. These beautiful inkDori traveler journals have been such a God sent this year. A definite bright spot in a sea of darkness.

img_2657Day 2:
Work today was a terrible. One of those days you are glad to never have to live through again. But I am thankful that we all pulled together as a group, got things done and did our best to stay positive through the frustration.

img_2663Day 3:
I spent my evening putting together these fun little packages. I am thankful I was inspired by Grace & Salt Ink’s “I Sent Love In An Envelope” and started to send out fun goodies to friends.

img_2666Day 4:
Today two of my friends got married. It was a beautiful wedding and I was thankful they allowed me to be apart of the setting up process. They are both so amazing, I know they will have a wonderful marriage.

img_2726Day 5:
Today my cousin ran a half marathon close to me. Which meant my parents and I went out and watched. It was a lot of fun to spend time with family and I was very thankful for the wonderful memories we made.


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The unopened package.

Today was a bit of an eh day. I have never been much for Halloween, but I usually come up with some kind of costume to wear to work, and it is always cat themed. I have been a pain old cat, a crazy cat lady, Schrödinger’s cat and this year I was Puss in Boots. I went for a run during trick or treating to check out some of the costumes, but because it was a colder evening I was not able to see much because of coats and sweatshirts. Over all a pretty uneventful day.

Although my day was pretty slow I was able to impact someone else in a big way. At the beginning of the month I sent out a package full of goodies to a friend far away. It took the long trip across the ocean to England and there it sat on her desk for a few weeks (yes weeks). I tried to be patient waiting for her to open it hoping she would like what I sent, but I am not a patient person. I tried to not bug her too much, I know she is busy and has had a crazy month of her being sick, then her daughter getting sick, on top of owning her own small business. But once a week or so I asked her if everything got there ok, and every time I got the same answer, she was saving it for when she had a chance to enjoy the contents.

img_2637Tonight she finally opened it!

She posted a lovely picture on Instagram and commented on how God used it to teach her that sometimes it is important to MAKE time for things, because the perfect moment may never exist. She also sent me a string of messages about how excited she was about each thing inside. There was washi tape, some of her favorite pens that are not available in the UK, candy and a few things of my own creation.

This package must have been a God thing in many ways, because He used it not only to impress a lesson on her, but also one on me. Sometimes, it is impossible for us to know the full reach of our actions. Most of the time we do not get a huge pat on the back via social media when we do something that impacts another person in a positive way. Like this package that sat unopened for weeks, the result of our actions may not be known for weeks or be trackable back to us. In the end, none of that matters. The truth is every day if we live our lives with a happy spirit and spread love to others, we could be just the thing to make a difference for someone else.

I was so blessed that God used my package to brighten her day and to remind both of us to seize any opportunity that could bring happiness. I think that is a lesson that we all could stand to be reminded of now and again.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.


Here is her beautiful comment that was posted with the picture above:

It’s the end of October and what a month it’s been! I feel a bit like it’s just been one thing after another! Our bathroom at home tried to come downstairs via the kitchen ceiling, I was ill and in bed for a week (which I never do), then our daughter has been ill. It’s been the Christmas sale, which is awesome and exciting but also involves a lot of work before and after, it’s been non stop. This amazingly beautiful #happymail arrived a couple of weeks ago. Yes *weeks*, and it’s been sat on my desk unopened. “Are you nuts!?” I hear you gasp. Well yes, I might be. The problem is, I’ve been blessed to have had a lot of beautiful happy mail arrive this last month, and with all that’s been going on I haven’t replied to a single one yet. And when this arrived the guilt I felt was huge. I thought of all the mail I haven’t yet replied to and how I haven’t even really fully appreciated the goodies I’ve been sent because I’ve been so chaotic. I saved this parcel, to open when I had “more time” to appreciate it and then thought maybe if I saved this one until I had more time I would not have another guilt upon me. But actually that was just plain stupid. I felt guilty for not opening it, as well as not replying to everyone! Today when I woke up (after a bad nights sleep stressing about everything) I decided to make a change. Instead of being chaotic and letting things get on top of me, I was going to be intentional and make time in my day. I got up early and had some quiet time with my Bible. I confess, this is something that I haven’t done in too long! I got stuck into the Psalms and remembered why I love them so much. This evening, once little one was in bed, I did some work and then I took time for me. I had some “self care” time, ate ice cream and watched a movie. Then I have come and sat on my bed and opened this beautiful parcel and my heart has just exploded! My sweet friend Christi sent this to cheer me, the letter actually starts “I know you have been super stressed…” it’s full of fantastic treats like chocolate and my favourite biros that you cannot buy in the UK, as well as some awesome craft treats and the sweetest letter. If I had made time when it arrived, how much it would have blessed me in the stress! And would have cheered me no end whilst I was ill in bed. Not opening it was so daft! So what am I saying? (Other than I can be an idiot!?) I think I just want to encourage you all to not wait until you “have time” for things, instead MAKE time for things. Make time to look after yourself, otherwise you just end up burning yourself out. Make time for self care, whatever that looks like for you. Let your friends love you and care for you, even if you cannot repay the favour straight away! Make time for the things that bring you joy and restore your soul. You’re not too busy to do these things. You can be intentional too, and I promise you won’t regret it if you do. I am going to bed tonight so much lighter and happier because of the things I made time for today! Look after yourselves XO


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I have a small collection of packages to send out tomorrow. Just a few things heading off to new adventures. In this day of instant email and text messages it can be fun to send things in the mail. The worst part of the process is going to the post office and standing in line. I’m a little torn over what the best part is. Hearing how the receiver feels about what you sent is always great, but it is also a lot of fun collecting and packaging up the goodies to send.

Lately, I have made a point of adding the hashtag #ISentLoveInAnEnvelope to each package. I think it is nice for all the hands that the package will go through to know that whatever is inside is special. I can not take credit for this wonderful concept or hash tag. I picked it up from Grace & Salt ink. This initiative was started to help show your friends that they are valued, bring a smile to their face and to help encourage them. The sentiment is simply beautiful, it makes me want to send out packages all the time. Afterall, getting an unexpected (or expected) package from a friend always turns a bad day to wonderful.

1 Thess’ 5:1 (ESV)
“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.

Read all about Grace & Salt ink’s I sent love in an envelope challenge here!


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