I ran today. It was the first time in far too long and the short two miles felt like 10. But the important thing is I pushed through and am excited about the prospect of another run later this week. I have been feeling slightly out rhythm and unmotivated with myself and I was pretty sure getting back into a work out routine would help. With one run down I already feel more in sync. I hope the beautiful weather continues so I can enjoy lots of runs in the near future.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.


Winter run.

Today was actually an acceptable temperature. Instead of the single digits we have endured for weeks it was a welcome change. Because of the cool temperatures I have refrained from running, and it has been a little sad, so today I decided I would run on my lunch. It was a nice change of pace. There were beautiful flurries in the air and the sun was shining just enough. I would never say it was an amazing run, but I was thankful for the chance.

I have missed spending time outside. After a summer of hiking I got used to the fresh air and the summer sun. I often find myself counting the days till the warm weather is back again. Unfortunately, this is New York so there are still plenty of cold days yet to come, but hopefully there will be a few more nice winter days for some outside fun.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.

Steadfast & thankful week 6

This week was nice because I was on vacation for most of it! It was nice to have some down time and sleep in most of the week. Unfortunately, I was not as productive as I would have liked, but sometimes relaxing is the best solution.

Christi_Hiking post_journal page_3Day 34:
This summer was so full of hiking adventures and I am thankful that they recorded in my journal. It is so fun to look back at and remember beautiful summer days.

Want to read more about my hiking adventure?

img_3663Day 35:
Teaching swim lessons can be a challenge sometimes, but I am thankful for the excitement and enthusiasm of my students this year.

img_3664Day 36:
Although I had hoped
to do more than just 2 miles,
but I was thankful for not
running in the dark.

img_3691Day 37:
I am so thankful
that my Christmas
presents are
wrapped and
ready to go!

img_3695Day 38:
Being on vacation has its perks.
I was thankful to be a second
set of hands for my mom when
she needed me.

img_3719Day 39:
I am thankful for people who are equally as crazy as I am and wanted to do a Star Wars movie marathon with me. Just a few more days and we get to see the new one!

img_3730Day 40:
For once I am not
dreading Monday.
Thankfully I have
one more day of
vacation left!


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Steadfast & thankful week 5

From a broken car window, to a new project at work and an unexpected ending to a race.This was a very strange week, defiantly one for the books.

img_3577Day 27:
Today was a cat day. I slept in, relaxed and cuddled under a blanket with a good movie. I was slightly productive, but I was thankful for a few days between traveling and going back to work.

img_3580Day 28:
This is my morning. A shattered windshield. Despite the awfulness of it I have a lot to be thankful for. Like a coworker who saw it not long after it happened, the guy from the business next door that came out with a broom to help me clean up the glass, and I am thankful for glass insurance so the replacement is free. Sometimes you have to look at the bright side of an awful situation.

img_3593Day 29:
When I first joined the Art of Film club I honestly don’t think I knew what I was getting myself into. Most of the time the movie are amazing, and sometimes they are not my taste. Thankfully, I have friends in the club with me that I am making memories with movie after movie.

img_3598Day 30:
I am thankful for another month over. True it was not a bad month, but I have been wishing for the year to be over for so long and stepping into December feels like I am almost there.

img_3639Day 31:
I am thankful for a
new challenge at work.
It should be an interesting
project hopefully everything
goes smoothly.

img_3642Day 32:
I have not been running like I should be. So when I somehow placed second in my age group at the WhonNELLville 5k I was shocked, but I was thankful for the fun surprise of winning a prize!

img_3645Day 33: 
At least once a week it is nice to have a cat like day. That you can relax and pretend there is nothing to do. Today I was thankful to have a relaxing day, after the cold race last night I needed some recovery time to be ready for Monday.

Steadfast & thankful week 4

This was such a wonderful week that gave me so many things to be thankful for. Time with family and friends, downtime with my journal, and cuddles with my cats. I am excited to see what the rest of this holiday season has in store for me!

img_3495Day 20:
Group cuddles are rare with these two, but tonight they both curled up with me for quite a while. I know it’s a silly thing to be thankful for, but it was nice to feel loved.

img_3500Day 21:
Today I am thankful that this
evening was too beautiful for
me to make excuses not to go
for a short run.

img_3512 Day 22:
This is the third year one of my morning swimmers has brought me one of her amazing giant promotional calendars. I was thankful that she thought of me again this year.

img_3526Day 23:
I started off Thanksgiving Day with the Turkey Trot 5k. It is the perfect way to kick off the day. I was thankful my race buddy ran today too! She is a much faster than I am, but she is always at the end of the race to cheer me on to the finish.

img_3547Day 24:
I am so thankful for the next generation. These kids are such fun to be around, even if it is a little overwhelming at times. I hope I get to see them again soon.

img_3558Day 25:
I was feeling pretty low the past few weeks, but I think the last two days were just what I needed. Time with family is always a thing to be thankful for, especially when you have a family as wonderful as mine.

img_3565Day 26:
Today I spent a good part of the day at my desk finishing up my bullet journal set up for 2018. I am looking forward to filling the pages with many adventures and am thankful they are ready to go for January!

The annual Turkey Trot.

img_3525I started off today with 390 other crazy people by running the annual 5k Turkey Trot. It is always a big race in my little town. It was not as cold as some years, but that does not mean it was warm. I started off the race with my race buddy beside me, but that never lasts long. Before we turned the corner she dodged and weaved her way much further up in the pack. Unfortunately, I had not followed through on my intention of running a lot in preparation so I was not in the best shape, but I still finished better than I thought I would coming in at 32.06.

Last year my brother was home for Thanksgiving and did the cold 3.1 miles with me. This year I missed running with him. I am usually not a big fan of running with someone, but somehow you sibling is always an exception to every rule. He really pushed me to a strong finish and a great time last year.

Although this year was not my best run ever, and I missed my Turkey Trot running buddy I was glad I ran and kept the tradition alive. Hopefully next year I will be more prepared, and have my brother finish with me, because on Thanksgiving it is simply more fun to be together.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.

Race day.

img_2432Last year the Ridgewalk and Run was the first race I ran as an adult. I trained for it and worked hard to prepare myself. My then fiancé and some friends had a great day on the course and spending time with each other. This year I was not well prepared and I now have a growing pile or race bibs to prove it was not my first race. But the weather was beautiful, I still had a friend to race with and joke about our shared goal of reaching the end so we could eat.

It is crazy the difference a year can make. There are times I want to be irrationally angry, jump up and down screaming, but really what good will that do? True, without the past my life would be so very different, but that does not mean better. There are many experiences that I had because I was with him that I know make me better and will hopefully continue to be a positive thread through my life. Although it is difficult to look past all the negativity and hurt, it is always worth it because it gets me one step closer to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.