Stacks of letters.

Usually a stop at the mailbox means bills, junk mail and maybe some kind of advertisement. Honestly, most everything that is delivered to me on a weekly basis goes right into the trash. In this day of technology we forget the simple art of writing a letter. It is too easy to pick up our phones and send a text, email or message on any number of social media platforms. We are too quick to go to our keyboards before picking up a pen. For this reason the next generations will never be given a stack of letters written by their parents or grandparents, and that is a shame.

I never remember having a pen pal as a kid, but not long ago I was reminded of the joy of sending things through the mail, and now I am hooked. The inspiration actually came from a few sources almost simultaneously. The first, ironically, is a Rebecca, friend I met on social media who is a big lover of letter writing. She would post pictures of the amazing things she received and I was envious. The second influence was a selection of letters my grandparents wrote while they were dating. Reading those letters you can see their relationship grow as they fall deeper in love with each other.


My friend, Rebecca is the creator behind Grace & Salt ink, a small business in England specializing in leather travelers journals. One of her promotions is a challenge called “I sent love in an envelope”. This challenge was a huge inspiration to create and find some pen pals. I have written letters to friends and family, and sent out packages near and far. Each envelope I send out  is adorn with the hashtag #ISentLoveInAnEnvelope. Sometimes I get something mailed back, but most of the time I get a text message or social media response. Either way I truly hope getting something in the mail makes the recipient smile and feel loved.

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:1

img_5029Since I started my crusade of letter writing I have gained pen pals from South Africa, Germany, England and across the country. Some of them are old friendships expanded to letters, others are people I only know from the pictures they post on Instagram. I always look forward to checking the mailbox each day to see if there are any goodies from near or far. Not only do these letters serve as a way to communicate, but also to be creative while still working within the confines of an envelope. Every letter I look forward to see what I will find inside. I have received pictures, washi tape, creative little pieces and so much more. Each letter challenges me to come up with new ideas to put a smile on their face, and I do my best to send letters that inspire.

img_5200img_5203As my list of pen pals has grown I was having a difficult time keeping up with the coming and going of letters. In my search to find a solution I came across people creating journals to track their pen pals. To me this was the perfect solution, and so a new journal was added to my inkDori and the tracking began. I decided to keep my tracking simple, I list the pen pal, if I sent or received, the date and notes. It is fun to watch the page fill up with each letter.

My upcoming letter writing adventure will be starting in April. I have decided to take up the challenge of writing to one person a day for National Letter Writing Month. That means a minimum of 30 letters in 30 days. If you are thinking this seems like an intimidating task, I agree with you, but I am hoping with some pre-planning and organization it will be achieved.

img_5221My first step was to create a plan. I knew on the average day I would not have time to write a letter, so I decided to send out postcards. In the words of Lord Byron, Jane Austen, Lewis Carrol and Phyllis Theroux I found inspiration. Each quote embraces the best parts of letter writing and I am excited to send them out to friends and family each day. Second, I started a tentative spreadsheet with names and address of those to send letters to. I am sure before April gets here I will end up adding a few extra names to the list, but I am happy to have a starting point. My hope is that if there is a plan in place that I will be able to follow through on the 30 day challenge.

I know I will never have stack and stacks of letters like my grandparents, but hopefully I will have something tangible to share with future generations to show that letter writing is not dead.


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Surprise Laughter

On my way back to work from lunch my mind was wandering and I suddenly started to laugh. It took me a short bit to process what my mind thought was so funny, and it was not what you would expect. Honestly, it was not what I expected. Yet there I was giggling to myself on the same route that used to be filled with tears and a brave front.

It is no secret that the week before my wedding was unconventionally stressful. The day before when my family and friends were helping me set up for the wedding that would never be, I ran into my office quickly. I was obviously distraught and very stressed and off handedly said that I would tell them the whole crazy story in a year or so when it became funny. Well, many parts of it just became funny.

I will not be recounting the story here in any farther detail than I already have in the past, but it is now just over a year and I feel an odd sense of peace. That day was like the start of a really bad romance movie (if anyone wants movie rights please let me know), but it was not the end of anything. It was the beginning of everything. I am stronger, wiser and getting better each day. It is unfortunate that sometimes we need to go through unbelievable pain to find our path, but I hope someday when I get where I am going I can look back and smile about how far I have come.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.

So very fortunate.

We are all a work in progress, like wet clay being shaped. Each person we come in contact with leaves their mark on us. Whether we know each other in person, from social media, or you simply follow this blog for one reason or another, my hope is that some of you reading this can say I have been a positive influence on your life. When I started this blog my main reason was to crate a form of mass communication and attempt to alleviate questions. I had secretly hoped a byproduct of my words would be to help others in pain, and I think at times I have.

In my recovery process there were many times that woman have stepped out of their comfort zone to tell me their own stories of loss. Each one had a particularly special impact on my life, because they showed me that the other side of this pain is full of possibilities. It is because of them that some days have been less difficult, and my hope has never faltered.

Every day I am thankful for the amazing women in my life. From friends to family there are many role models and inspiring woman who have been through thick and thin with me. I have been so very fortunate, and I hope each of you can say the same about the woman in your lives.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.

Happy mail Monday.

Monday’s are the best day to receive happy mail. Today, I was double lucky and had two letters waiting for me in the mail box. One from my little cousin, arguably my favorite pen pal, and the other from a new west coast friend. Writing letters is such a fun way to get to know someone. It is like having a long drawn out conversation with no end in sight. Each envelope holds a new chapter in the relationship.

Both of these lovely pen pals are amazing, and I love seeing their return address on unopened envelopes. Until we started writing my little cousin and I knew each other mostly from holiday get togethers, now she has become a huge part of my life and I hope that connection continues to grow. Her creativity and ability to push boundaries is inspiring to me. My new friend is someone I would have never known if she hadn’t asked to be my pen pal. I am so honored and glad she did, because she is an amazing person who I can not wait to get to know more with each passing letter.

I hope every once in a while my letters make it to their destination on a Monday to brighten up someones day, because everyone deserves a happy Monday.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.


Getting stronger takes time, it takes confidence and it takes work. In the last year I have slowly overcome many obstacles, sometimes when I look back it shocks me to see how far I have come. I know the scars left behind are not completely healed, but time is always on my side.


The people in my life played a massive role in every stage of my recovery and healing, but I am a visual person and there were a few things that have meant more to me than I can express. They are simple reminders that I typically carry around with me, they make me feel like I can get through anything.

The first are my personalized, hand stamped bracelets created by an amazing woman out in California. Her etsy shop is called Old Dog Soul. I discovered her when I was looking for bridesmaids presents and became obsessed with her work. I have purchased many bracelets from her since both for myself and others. I love being encouraged to be strong every time I look down. Often at the beginning, these letters stamped in metal held me together when I felt like I was falling apart.

My beautiful Grace & Salt ink inkDori is the second reminder. On the outside is stamped “Stronger”. On the inside are watercolored pages filled with words and memories. In the past I have always been a horrible journaler, but since my first inkDori showed up on my doorstep I love filling page after page. Knowing that a journal is always close by helps me to feel like I have an escape from reality if I need it.

These simple objects continue to mean the world to me as I rush forward into a new year. It never ceases to amaze me how God uses our connections to people and things to get us through tough times. I came across both the creators behind Old Dog Soul and Grace & Salt ink quite accidentally, and over time we have developed friendship. I feel so lucky to not only have their products in my life, but also them. I hope they feel the same way about me.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.


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My Valentine’s Day date.

Is it weird to be thankful my friends husband was unable to go out tonight so we were each others Valentine’s Day dates? We both surprised each other with little gifts and enjoyed our movie club movie night. Over all it was the best way to spend the evening.

img_4861Every time my friends husband is unable to go to the movies it ends up being an unforgettable show, and not always in a good way. This time I was glad it was a fantastic movie. If you have never seen”Goodbye Girl” I would highly suggest it. It had all the makings of a perfect Valentine’s Day movie and is defiantly one I would love to see again.

Last Valentine’s Day was sad, this one was amazing. What more could I ask for?

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.

An unexpected chat.

Life is full of unexpected surprises, fortunately not all of them are bad. This morning I got a txt from someone that I have neither seen or talked to in years. It was quite out of the blue, and a lovely surprise. She was on her way through town and stopped by my office for a chat. We stood and talked for quite a while, we had a great time catching up.

The thing I found funny is that I had thought about contact her on and off over the past few years, but never did. Now I regret not taking the opportunity in the past. I hope we will be able to plan another meet up in the future. Someone who will go out of their way to see you after years of no communication them is someone that you want in your life.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.