As a kid Easter was one of my favorite holidays. The flowers are so pretty and the trees are starting to turn green. Most of my favorite hymns are sung at Easter. I love searching for a basket full of chocolate and candy. Easter always makes me feel fresh and renewed in so many ways.

Every little girl knows there are specific requirements when picking out your dress for such an occasion as Easter. It must be a color and pattern that only a little girl can pull off, most likely a bright pastel. Then there is the controversial decision of tulle, it has the downside of being itchy, but the upside of giving your dress a little extra volume. An uncontested necessity is to have a twirly dress. I can not begin to express the importance of this detail.

As an adult Easter is a little different, but the way today went could not have been better. I wore a pastel blue dress complete with twirl capabilities to Church, where some of my favorite hymns were sung. I took notice of the trees budding and beautiful spring flowers. I even got chocolate.

I wish holidays were not so difficult. It was a perfect day, but somehow I am always left wondering what it might have been like if my life had gone down a different path. Sometimes I wonder how long these feelings will last. How many holidays do I need to get through before I stop thinking of him? I guess it is something that will be left for time to decide.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.