Focus on good.

A few times I saw this quote pop up in my facebook feed about bad days and it was inspiring. I will be honest, I am often annoyed by posts and re-posts on facebook, but at the same time I am sometimes very inspired by them. It is no secret that I have had some bad days, some very bad days. There were some that I had a good five minutes that I did my best to milk all day, and others that I had a horrible five that I did my best to move past.

After the first time I saw this quote I did my best to keep it in mind. I think to often we let ourselves get carried away by a bad five minutes and let it dominate everything. I wish I could give an answer to eliminate this problem, maybe it is simply human nature. No matter what the roots of it I hope the next time something bad happens you give yourself a few minutes and let the bad pass. We have all known bad days, truly horrible, awful days and survived, but that does not mean we need more of these days to prove our worth. Enjoy the good moments and let them spread, once you shift your focus you create a brand new world. A world focused on good is a world worth living in.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.