Steadfast & thankful week 8

There is only one more week of 2017. When I started this steadfast & thankful project on November 1, nine weeks seemed so far away. Now tomorrow is Christmas, and there are only seven more days of the year.

img_3820Day 48:
I am thankful
for encouraging
words from a
friend far away.

img_3823Day 49:
Today was our final Secret Santa gift exchange. It was fun to see everyone figuring out who had been gifting them wonderful goodies all month. I got all kinds of fun journaling supplies, this Years was a lot of fun and I was thankful I participated.

img_3836Day 50:
I am thankful for friends
who understand that
all girls are princesses,
but some of us have
sweet hairdos.

img_3838Day 51:
I am thankful
for clean sheets
on this darkest
day of the year.

img_3853Day 52:
I’m thankful for being able to surround myself with little things that make me smile. This is a judgement free zone.

img_3858Day 53:
There is nothing like some Christmas journaling with the smell of cookies in the air. I am thankful for beautiful holiday moments like this.

img_3891Day 54:
Only one more
sleep till Christmas!
I’m so thankful
for slow cuddly days.


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