Sometimes the impossible happens.

Today I stepped out of my running comfort zone and ran a 10k. Not only is it the longest race I have done, but it is also farther than I usually run at one time. I was excited when I got a text from my friend Jess late last week that she was running the race too! Even better she wanted to run with me. Jess is an amazing athlete and I knew I would slow her down, but I was also very excited she wanted to keep pace with me.

Iimg_8828img_8808t was a very small race, which turned out to be very much in my favor. Jess and I ran the whole race together while dad and mom criss crossed the town to see us at various points on the course, it was fun to guess where we would see them next. Having someone to run with made the time go quickly and helped me to push through the pain.

When I say the race was small, what I mean is there was only two people in my age group, and we were running right next to each other the whole time. When they were calling out the awards I almost fell over when they called my name for first place. I honestly can not tell you how, but apparently I crossed the finish line first.

This was an amazing week, defiantly one for the books. I won a contest, won a race and got to spend time with a friend I haven’t seen in far too long. The next time I race I know my finish will not rank so high. Today was a happy fluke, but I will hang up my first place medal and smile every time I see it remembering that sometimes the impossible happens.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.


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