There are days that I think I understand, some I know I do, but more frequently I realize I know nothing. I am pretty sure the last option is the real truth. The other days are my brain giving me a false sense of security. Maybe someday I will have a vague understanding of the turn my life has taken, but maybe I will never have a handle on all of it.

My current day-to-day has given up on trying to make sense of everything. I know the more I try, the more frustrated and emotional I become. All I can hope to do is grow from what I do know. At one point or another in everyone’s life there is an unfortunate turn of events, what we need to understand is everything is part of a much larger plan. Someday what we once saw as unfortunate will actually be the best change of our lives. For me I know that day is coming, and when I get there I will be strong enough to enjoy every moment of it.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.


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