It is amazing the difference a few good nights sleep can make. Things seem more manageable and less emotional when you are not fighting to stay awake. I wish I could be better about going to bed on time every night, but I am sure that will not happen. Hopefully I can get a little more consistent so it is less difficult to catch up to myself.

Four days out of seven I start my day very early, I am the opening lifeguard at the local YMCA. After a late night the opening shift can be a real struggle. There are some days I wonder why I get up early to lifeguard, but as soon as I walk out on the pool deck I always remember. The early morning swimmers are amazing people and they are so excited that someone is there to open the door for them and keep them safe. I am glad that I can be that person.

Although most days I am able to deal with the emotions that creep into my thoughts, a non-tired me handles things better. When I am tired everything seems worse than it is and dealing with the smallest issue becomes a big deal. The way everything, physical and emotional, ties into its self is amazing and far beyond my understanding. All I know is for me a key component to be best is sleep, deprive me of that and add in some stress and it is never pretty.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.


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