It happened again, he showed up during my swim lesson. I was shocked when he walked in and I did feel an ache in my heart, but the unbearable pain was not there. Like the last time I carried on with my lessons as if he was any another swimmer. Last time it took everything I had to hold myself together and not curl up in the corner and cry. This time I felt like I stood my ground and did not need to shed a tear.

It felt good to feel strong, and it was encouraging to see how far I have come. I wondered how it would be to run into him again, now I know I really am healing. The pull he once had on me is gone, unfortunately that does not mean the pain has left with it. As I continue to move forward I have to remember that time is always on our side and someday everything will be bright and sunny again.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.


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