What to watch next.

Netflix, or things like it offer so many options between new, classic and old shows and movies. I love having shows streaming as background noise, something I can control to help me tune out the things I can not. Watching shows that have already ended are the best, that way I can binge watch the show from start to finish. Honestly, I should be ashamed by how many series I have watched, but it never seems to stop me.

When you find a TV show that you enjoy it is always hard to know at some point it will end. As much as you want to know what happens, the hardest thing is the last episode. Good shows will always leave you with more answers than questions, but it never stops you from wondering what happened after the camera stopped.

After finishing a show there is always the question of what to watch next. If it was amazing you have a hangover from the thrill of a successful ending putting more pressure on the next thing you watch. My usual go to is an old show that I’ve watched and know I love. This gives me time to evaluate my options. It is actually kind of sad how much thought I put into my binge watching habit.

There are certain times of the year, or certain moods that lead me to shows. Sometimes I think it is an attempt to recapture the first moment I watched it. A way to cling to that emotional state. At the same time, there are shows I avoid because I never want to feel the state I was in again. It is strange the way our minds make connections and uses them to help us cope with the struggles and joys in our lives.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.


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