The race I ran today.

Sometimes the best days happen after a frustrating week of feeling tired and sick. A day that you woke up discouraged, but ended happy and content. The best days are ones where you do something wonderful and help someone achieve a goal they did not see as possible.

Today I ran a 5k with friends. I woke up feeling tired, but I pushed through. I haven’t run all week like I wanted, but I ran today. My time was not what I anticipated when I signed up for the race, but the time did not matter. I spent the race encouraging others. I cheered on the people going the other direction and encouraged when I could. I ran the whole race with one of my friends and helped to achieve her goal.

There are some races where hitting a new personal record is not the priority. The goal is to finish the best you can. Sometimes the best is not a fast time, it is how you handled getting there. I am beyond proud of the race I ran today and am proud of my friends.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.


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