Sometimes, I forget how much time has past, how long I have been alone. Then I remember that I don’t feel alone. In many ways I feel more connected to people now then ever before. There is something liberating about everyone already knowing your deepest, darkest secret.

It is strange when I am talking to someone and they mention reading this blog. It has happened more times then I can count. I am shocked every time. Hopefully my words are helping someone else through a struggle of their own. I am so very lucky to have the support of many. Unfortunately, not everyone who has been through a heart breaking experience can say the same.

For now, I will continue to write and heal and take advantage of all the love and support that I have. Everyday I am moving closer to whatever wonderful future is out there for me. Someday I will be ready to take advantage of every second of it.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.


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