I have always loved the rain, a steady shower on a warm day makes everything feel fresh and new. It settles the dust and everything smells so good. Many days in past weeks I have wished for the comfort of a spring shower. Instead I was given snow, lots of snow.

img_7380Ironically, it has given me a feeling much like rain does. The snow came so fast that it covered everything in a blanket of white. I woke up Tuesday morning to a winter wonderland. Usually it would throw me into a saddened state to be in the cold and snow, but for once I feel renewed.

Something about a world of white makes me feel like everything is starting fresh. I have felt alone in my new beginning as I watch everyone around me continues on in their lives. As I look out my window I can see a whole world that is starting over again, and it gives me comfort.

I still can’t wait for the first rain, but for now I will accept the snow.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.


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