I never knew.

You never know how strong you are until you face what feels impossible. Fortunately, this goes for good things and bad. I never knew I could run a 5k, until I did. Each time I put on my sneakers and walk out the door I remember that I will be stronger at the end of this run and the next one will be easier.

Everyday I take this lesson to heart. Everyday I hope I am stronger than the day before. I can cry a little less and handle the pain with more courage. The first few hours after the end of what I thought was forever, I was terrified I would never smile again. How could I face my family and friends? How would I ever move on?

It amazes me how quickly I overcame each immediate fear. That day I smiled and laughed. I chased kids, built castles and had fun. I was embraced by family and friends. I found comfort and strength in so many things that day. Much to my surprise, I found strength in me.

Each day I can feel my confidence growing. I hold my head a little higher and step out of my door ready to seize the day. I never knew I could be so strong until I had to be and now I know I can face anything that comes my way.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.


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