So many stories.

Over the past few weeks I have been so blessed.

I know that is a strange thing to say after all that happened, but it is true. The support I have received from so many has carried me over the lumps and bumps of the past weeks. One thing that has kept me moving forward with determination are the stories of overcoming similar situations.

These are not normal stories of ended relationships. They are not from far off people I don’t know, or works of fiction. It’s my Aunt, and a high school team-mate, it’s family friends and people who I have known of for years. They are real in my life.

The stories are sad, but then what break up story isn’t?

What I love most about each story is not that they over came the struggle and pain, although it is an amazing feat. My favorite part is that it’s a painful story that they are willing to share with me. They see my situation and offer me an olive branch. They give me hope. They encourage me to move past this and become stronger.

Each of the people who have shared stories with me are now happily married. They have given me the hope that I too will find my forever person. Hour by hour and day by day I will get stronger.

I never want anyone I know to be in this situation. If it ever happens I know that I will be the first one there to lift them up and show them they too can over come and survive. I know I still have a lot of time left before I truly feel any healing, but I rest in knowing that it will happen.

I’m not sure I will never be able to tell the story without tears in my eyes. But I will tell my story, it is forever a part of me. Just as others have lifted me up and encouraged me, I will do the same for others.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.


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