The line.

I could never understand how it was possible to fall out of love with someone quickly. In past relationships it has always felt like a gradual decline. In some ways I’m not sure I ever really stopped loving them, it’s more that I stopped thinking love with them was a possibility.

This time I don’t feel like I “fell out of love”, I feel like I was pushed over a line. It is a line that I can see clearly defined in the timeline of my life. It is an odd feeling to lose trust, respect and love for someone so suddenly.

How can you be with someone, be ready to marry someone and never see the possibility such betrayal?

I know there are many people who can relate to that feeling. Many after years of marriage and kids. I should count myself lucky for not having to unravel myself from a worse situation.

No matter what way I think of it, the pain is still there and real. The betrayal happened, I was left crying on the floor. Now I am trying to rebuild, restart and hope to never repeat the feeling again.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.  


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