Keep the good. 

This is not my first break up, in many ways that is good thing. I know better how to handle myself, I can predict some of my feelings and I know some things that are good for me to do.

There are always good parts of any relationship, otherwise you wouldn’t have been together in the first place. After the end it can sometimes be hard to realize what was a good lifestyle change and what only existed because of the relationship.

One of the things that I started to do the last July was run.

I started to run mostly for him. He is a great athlete and I wanted to show him that I could be one too.

But I also started running for me. I wanted to become stronger. I wanted to be fit. I wanted to regain some of muscle that I had once upon a time, after all I am a great athlete too.

16730681_775097552846_9057348273956149771_nI’m not going to lie, my first run after the break up was a little weird. When I got back I couldn’t talk to him about it. I couldn’t proudly show him what I had done, or have him analyze what I can do better next time.

But what I could do was be proud of myself. What I could do was tell myself that next time will be better. Next time I can go farther. Next time will be another run for no one but me.

It had been almost a month since I had run consistently. So I wasn’t exactly ecstatic about my time or distance, but I was happy that I took the time and did something for me.

Right now, that is important.

Tomorrow will be a little bit easier and I will become a stronger me everyday.  


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